Bio and CV


I am Assistant Professor in the Division of Learning, Communication and IT, in the Department of Applied Information Technology
University of Gothenburg
SE-412 96 Göteborg



An updated complete curriculum vitae is here. You can also visualize my cv here.

My current research focuses on the use of technology to enhance new forms of scientific activities involving amateurs, such as, for example, hacker culture and citizen science. I place my current research on citizen science at the intersection of citizen science and information technologies. I have a specific interest on the influence of gamification on what citizens do in this type of activity.


In 2014, I completed an international post doc, funded by the Swedish Research Council, called “The Role of Open Models in Mutual Development in Non-Formal Education” (07/2012-06/2014). The aim was to study the application of open models, such as Open Source Software and Open Educational Resources (OER), in emerging practices conducted by non-formal educational organizations, such as the P2PU.

I obtained my Ph.D. in Library and Information Science (LIS) from the University of Gothenburg, where I was advised by Prof. Diane Sonnenwald.



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